Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New York Quotes Spank the U.N.

It is not only the general public who has grown weary of the empty
promise of the United Nations. At least some of those who
represent the public in government express their resentment also.

In the state of New York and the city which has the UN headquarters not
all public officials are enamored. If only members of the UN were
as anxious to prove themselves worthy of it's name as they are to
expand their useless kingdom again this year as in 2005.

The officials say they oppose any plan to help the United Nations,
which they describe as an antidemocratic, anti-American, and
anti-Israeli organization.

An assemblyman from Brooklyn put it this way.

"I don't know of anyone who feels differently from a year ago or
two years ago," he said. "As far as I am concerned, anything with the
United Nations turns my stomach."

A New York council member echoed sentiments of his constituents on
using park land to build a UN office tower,

"protecting the parkland that we have in an area that is starved
for it is very important," he said. "Nobody will tolerate simply losing a
A council member who counts himself among those opposed to the presence
of the United Nations in New York, Simcha Felder, said it would be a
mistake for the city to help it in any way.

Whether the extravagance of an exclusive club or the politics of money
eventually win out, it is clear many in the city that is home to the UN
headquarters are not interested in the UN or any economic impact on the


Lawmakers Vowing To Block United Nations Building Effort

BY GRACE RAUH - Staff Reporter of the Sun
April 3, 2007

One of the UN's latest initiatives has been provided more
funding. This 'project' is for so-called missions in two regions
at the cost of more than half a billion dollars. You may like to
read this press release to note the scary similarities between UN
councils and votes and the US Congress. Lots of yeas, nays,
abstentions and absences which read like a playbook on how to spend a
lot of money accomplishing nothing. There is nothing united about it.

The Secretary-General received commitment authority from the Assembly
following the expansion of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon
(UNIFIL) and establishment of the follow-up United Nations Integrated
Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) by the Security Council last year. After
the Fifth Committee considered those missions´┐Ż full budgets during its
first resumed session, the Assembly appropriated some $403.1 million
for UNIFIL and $184.82 million for UNMIT today.

You may like to know a bit about UN peacekeeping missions and whether
or not they would have much effect. At the honorable Nobel
organization they offer a brief history on UN peacekeeping. It
would be comforting to know that all nations would contribute
collectively to an organization focused on peaceful solutions to armed
conflict. But the UN drops the ball on this too, right from the beginning.

according to the Nobel organization:

The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces are employed by the World
Organizaton to maintain or re-establish peace in an area of armed

The UN Peacekeeping Forces may only be employed when both parties to a
conflict accept their presence.

The Peacekeeping Forces are subordinate to the leadership of the United

Operational control belongs to the Secretary-General and his

We distinguish between two kinds of peacekeeping operations - unarmed
observer groups and lightly-armed military forces. The latter are only
allowed to employ their weapons for self-defence. Altogether, 14 UN
operations have been carried out.

Just some more examples of how meaningless the United Nations is or has
become. The largest mistake those in the Congress made lately was
to turn down John Bolton's nomination as permanent ambassador to the
UN. In the time he had, some progress was made by informing the
UN business as usual would be taking a new course. However,
members of Congress would rather have the useless organization continue
its corruption well into this century.

Stanford Matthews