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Did Iran Blink?

By Stanford Matthews
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There is little that is more entertaining than to watch representatives
of a state sponsor of terrorism like Iran act so innocent in light of
previous statements that the holocaust never happened and they intend
to destroy Israel. Not to mention the default Islamofascist creed
bent on killing all infidels which also includes other Muslims they
don't like.

The sad part of the recent appearance of the Iranian President at
Columbia University beyond the obvious was the number of closet
liberals in the media tripping over themselves to attend a dinner with
him. Not understanding that they may be the only ones in the
world who actually believe their claim of doing it all in the name of
journalism. So much so that their automatic defense of simply
mentioning the first amendment is no longer presented with a supporting

Whether the Iranian President was too busy trying to fool other
audiences this week or simply bored with the easy prey in American
media and academia, the second errand boy has made his presence
known. The Iranian foreign minister is currently attempting to
give foreign policy mentoring to the Whitehouse and State
Department. The worn out complaint of American saber rattling
coupled with a plea for cooperation rather than confrontation is
another amateur ploy looking for a gullible audience.

With the advent of changing politics in France, the former opposition
from the French as well as Germans, Russians and others at the United
Nations may be altering course. A brief pause until November to
put in place stronger sanctions against Iran on the nukes issue may be
evidence of a difficult transition to pro American attitudes, the
simple realization that Iran is an excessive risk with nukes or
reluctance of some to agree with the US on Iran.

But the French Foreign Minister has annoyed Iran by hinting at the
threat of war if they continue to act like Saddam on nukes. While
he backpedaled slightly after tension was raised, Iran may be less sure
than their words indicate when stating the US is not in a position to
deal with them militarily. While some pundits claim air strikes
against Iran are not a viable option and the out of control public
comments on the Iraq war suggest the US is not prepared to put more
boots on the ground anywhere, the options available may not be so
limited. It is fair to say one reason Iran makes these claims is
to convince themselves or their population that the US will not resort
to air strikes. And changing attitudes toward Iran from other
nations may be enough to convince Iran to comply with international

And this post ends with a comment on an Iranian university inviting
President Bush to attend a question and answer session.
Presumably to reciprocate for the Columbia University fiasco. The
White House Press Secretary Dana Perino indicated the invitation was
not taken seriously. Let's just say in addition to the nearly
impossible security requirements there is no real upside to honoring
such a request. It is doubtful minds would be changed and
determining whether the invitation is based on genuine interest or
merely another ploy of the Iranian government will not take
place. But there is some humor in the story.

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