Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kosovo PM Linked to Sale of Human Organs

Reprinted with permission from 2.0: The Blogmocracy
By Rodan

Hashim Thaci who was trained by AL-Qaeda in Afghanistan in the late 90′s and was the leader of their Kosovar affiliate, The KLA which has been linked to drug and human trafficking. This is no shocker to anyone who has been following the events in that region knew that not only were they Muslim Albanian Jihadists, they were also a criminal syndicate. It was these crimes and their terror attacked on Serbian civilians which lead in 98/99 to Serbia’s crackdown in the province. As usual the Progressives and Muslim nations claimed this was genocide and create false stories about the Serbs, just as they are doing with Israel today. The United States by our bombing of Serbia, help create this Narco-Islamic state. This Islamic and criminal regime is propped up by our tax dollars.

Hashim Thaci, who won re-election in the fledgeling country on Sunday, was described as the “most dangerous” of the leading mafia figures who emerged from the former Kosovo Liberation Army a decade ago. The report says that the West was aware of Mr Thaci’s crimes, yet backed his rise to power.

Members of his criminal organisation were said to be behind the trade in human organs when speciallyselected, mostly Serbian prisoners, were killed for their kidneys in a deal with an Albanian clinic, the report states.
“As and when the transplant surgeons were confirmed to be in position and ready to operate, the captives were brought out of the ‘safe house’ individually, summarily executed by a KLA gunman, and their corpses transported swiftly to the operating clinic,” said the report, due to be debated by the Council of Europe tomorrow.
The report concludes that Mr Thaci became “untouchable” because of his sponsorship by the United States and other western powers who were looking for a powerful figure to emerge as a political leader. Mr Thaci and his cronies remain free because key potential witnesses have been violently intimidated or killed, the report concludes

Read the rest: Kosovo PM ‘is Mafia boss linked to drugs and sale of human organs’

This is failure of US foreign policy. We gave created a haven for criminality and Jihad in Europe. Kosovo is an illegal nation as it’s a historical Serbian province which we illegally severed. While we claim we are fighting war on terror, we have enabled a terror regime in the Balkans. As the picture above shows, Bush who claims he was fighting terror smiles and shakes hands with a terrorist. As an American, I am ashamed of us supporting a vile organization like the KLA which is the Hamas of Europe. Clinton bombed Serbia, but it was Bush who recognized these criminals as a legitimate state.

Nice war on terror we have, we fight one Islamic group, while we support one of their affiliates. As the pictures below shows, it’s a Bi-Partisan problem.

Here’s Thaci and Biden.

Here’s Madeline Albright and Thaci after the bombing of Serbia in 1999.

This is your tax dollars at work!

Please write your Congressmen to get all American aid to Kosovo cut off. We should have no part of a criminal regime engaged in terror and criminal activities.

But wait, there's more...

Organ-ized Crime: Kosovo organ trafficking busted

UN War Crimes Tribunal Aided the Continued Jihadi Organ-Harvesting in Kosovo

Warning: Raw language and graphic subject matter!

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