Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More 'Expressions' from the UN

Apr 18, 3:26 AM EDT

U.N.Council Authorizes Lebanese Mission


UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The U.N. Security Council
expressed "serious concern" at mounting reports of weapons being
smuggled from Syria to Lebanon and authorized an independent mission to
evaluate monitoring of the border between the two countries.

The council adopted a presidential statement late Tuesday reiterating its
demand that Syria tighten its border and urging all countries,
"especially in the region," to enforce the arms ban on the Islamic
militant group Hezbollah.

In light of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi's
controversial trip to the Middle East, including the political sore
spot of visiting Syria, the UN seems convinced that Syria is moving
weapons to Lebanon. This is the same country responsible for the
assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. While Pelosi
still can't figure out what was wrong with going to Syria, the UN is
equally inept in responding to Middle East events. This is simply the
most recent update on why the UN serves no purpose but to allow
international crime to proceed unchecked.

So far their toothless resolution prohibiting Syrian and Iranian guerillas
from moving weapons has had no effect. The council asked politicians in
Lebanon to use 'dialogue' to prevent these problems. And their idea of
stepping up the pressure is for the Secretary General to visit Assad and
others in person. Sure, that will help. Why do they even bother with
these theatrics? After all this time and all the failed attempts to act like
united nations, who do they think they are fooling?

Stanford Matthews


Blogger Dee said...

Aha, a brilliant new blog to add to my blogroll...The name gets me in right away! Look forward to reading all your excellent posts.

5:43 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I suggest a change to the logo/icon on the blue helmets. Let's just have a white flag drooping in surrender?

Never have been in favor of the UN and they convince me more of their worthlessness everyday.

So totally worthless except they do have good jobs for interpreters and other minions.

7:00 PM  

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