Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Down with the Law of the Sea Treaty!

From the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) Teleconference:

Posted by 1389

Efforts to prevent the sovereignty undermining Law of the Sea Treaty from taking effect continue.

The main website is You can also read about this bad treaty at the Vigilant Freedom Blog (

Why does LOST present such a threat to United States sovereignty?

Here are a few of the many problems with the treaty:

  • LOST would give the United Nations power over US interests. The UN's multilateral agencies and bureaucrats cannot be trusted to oversee or administer 70% of the world's surface covered by its oceans.
  • LOST could set alarming precedents for the international control of other" international commons" such as Outer Space or the Internet
  • LOST would give the United Nations its long sought power of taxation, using taxes on seabed mining to fund its Anti-American activities.
  • LOST encourages China's and Russia's aggressive territorial claims to oceans.
  • LOST could subject the U.S. to decisions enforced by activist American judges, importing foreign or perhaps even "international" law into the courtroom, or perhaps even a UN Navy...

For more information, listen to Center for Security Policy's Frank Gaffney speak with bloggers about Lost here:, and read this piece by the Investor's Business Daily discussing LOST:



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