Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Balkan Crisis All Over Again?

Will tensions erupt over Kosovo's looming independence? That is the question that has sparked debate across much of Europe and in the United States.

British and NATO troops have been deployed to help maintain the peace which, as you might have expected, is a fragile one.

Russia, naturally, opposes Kosovo's independence, and does not recognize the new country, while America, the UK, Germany and Italy have all officially declared Kosovo's sovereignty.

The brutal civil war that swept across Serbia in the 1990's should be a reminder to all free nations that we must quickly intervene if violence spreads. Tyrant-States like Russia benefit from instability, but the Free World does not, and never will.

Britain has sent her last troops into the region, and hopefully other European nations will follow the UK's lead. While it is unlikely that the same levels of genocidal slaughter will occur, it is always better to err on the side of caution. In Africa thousands of lives could have been saved if the West had responded sooner in such critical locations as Rwanda and Liberia. The United Nations has made sure that this sort of swift, effective action will never occur.

This is the duty and responsibility of Free Nations. Our wealth, our strength, and our ideals all dictate that we stand up for Peace and Freedom wherever it is threatened, and at whatever cost. The alternative is allowing oppressive dictators of the world free reign.

There are greater dangers than terrorism in the world. Terrorism is just a symptom of a larger strategic battle, as is the instability and poverty and civil war in Africa. Poverty is a problem. The lack of women's rights is a problem. Islam is a problem. When poverty, the suppression of women, radical Islam, and no free speech or free press are combined, the seeds of terrorism and revolution are easily sown. This lack of stability is a perfect weapon for Tyrant States and Rogue Nations such as Syria, Russia, China, and Iran.

People have scoffed at Bush's "Axis of Evil." I only wish he had included more nations under that umbrella.

And isn't it also funny how many of these Tyrant States and Rogue Nations have a say in the UN Security Council? Does that not cast doubt on the validity of that organization?

It is high time that the Free World casts off the chains and constraints that the corrupt United Nations has bound us with. The UN should act as nothing more than a summit for diplomats. America and our Allies should not be held back by the agendas of the corrupt, nor by the policies of totalitarian, fascist, or theocratic States, whose agendas are beyond suspect. How can we ever hope to fight, let alone win, the War on Terror if we are forced to compromise with the Sudan, Syria, or other Terrorist sponsors?

A new alliance must be formed. America is the leader of the free world, but in the coming years we will need strong allies. Before Europe becomes Eurabia, let us hope they build up not just a strong military, but a social bulwark against Islamification. The first step in this process should be abandoning the UN, whose member States have banned any and all criticism of Islam, essentially rendering that organizations' efforts against terrorism null.

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Blogger misrology said...

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3:41 AM  
Blogger Donald Douglas said...

WSJ's got a nice piece up today you might like:

"Meanwhile, the Council will soon release a 25-page report by South African "investigator" John Dugard that is its most comprehensive defense yet of Palestinian terrorism. "Common sense," Mr. Dugard writes, "dictates that a distinction must be drawn between acts of mindless terror, such as acts committed by al Qaeda, and acts committed in the course of a war of national liberation against colonialism, apartheid or military occupation." Mr. Dugard goes on to lament the "Judaization" of Jerusalem, which if nothing else is a revealing use of language.

We doubt Mr. Dugard's words provide much solace to the relatives of Israelis blown up on buses, in cafes and discotheques. But at least we now know what passes for "common sense" at the United Nations."

American Power

7:53 AM  
Blogger Lucian said...

Kosovo, like Bosnia before, should never have been allowed to become independent states. Europe does not need 2 additional Muslim states within its borders and the West was wrong in supporting the breakup of Yugoslavia.
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6:26 PM  
Blogger NeoThink said...

Thanks for the information Mr. Douglas. Lamenting the "Judaization" of Jerusalem is like lamenting the Americanization of Washington D.C.

Lucian, I understand your point regarding Muslim nations in Europe. However, I think artificial borders are not in the long-term interests of the world, and will only lead to worse violence. I am not at all in support of Kosovo's Islamic government, however I don't think that Serbia or Europe will benefit by attempting to keep them within Serbia's control. Every people has a right to sovereignty--then, when things go bad, they can only blame themselves....

7:49 AM  
Blogger Rich said...

As for the united states - they are damned if they do and damned if they don't.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Flanders Fields said...

Kosovo is a goal of the Rockefeller/Soros crowd. That should tell you that it is not likely to be in the interests of the US to support independance.

Serbia deserves it's sovereignty, too. That includes historic lands which have been moved into with drug and terrorist citizens who shove ethnic Serbs out.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Kirk Johnson said...

Serbia did not lose its sovereignty, Kosovo merely gained its own sovereignty.

Serbia conquered Kosovo in 1913, and unfortunately the state never--except for awhile during the socialist Yugoslavia years when the Federal government restrained Serbia's control over the province--showed much interest in the well-being or rights of the Albanian majority. Not to mention the fact that Serbs from Serbia proper never showed much interest in living there, or much solidarity with Kosovar Serbs, who continue to be cynically used as pawns by the Belgrade government.

Serbia wanted Kosovo, but it didn't want the people who lived there. After over 90 years of such malign rule, it was high time the international community gave Kosovo a chance to control its own destiny.

4:04 PM  
Blogger wouter said...

Why the UN is an annoyance to many Americans? Is it seen as competition for world dominance?

8:27 PM  
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