Wednesday, November 28, 2007

UN Money Game Includes Global Warming

Listen up fans of international politics. The United Nations is borrowing a page from the uber liberal playbook. Do your best to stir guilt within the richest in the industrial nations so they may follow by preaching to ordinary citizens to justify spending public funds for private agendas. With a knack for plagiarism that would have Joe Biden blush, the UN is adopting the methods of the man who fathered the global warming ponzi scheme, Al Gore.

Are there environmental issues that pose a threat to the long term health of the biosphere we call Earth. Yes. But the current frenzy and panic caused by Al Gore and friends has nothing to do with that. Ecology and all things environmental are nothing new. Even before the sixties when such terms became household words much had been written and addressed on the topic. If two so-called oil shortages or crisis situations took place with no substantive demand or economic viability of alternative forms of energy as a result over the last 30 or 40 years, it is fair to say that few people took the notion seriously enough, including the scientific community, to implement effective change.

Oh, it was or is a corporate conspiracy. Ya, like the 100 or 200 mpg internal combustion engine they bought and hid from the public. So now, why is every other corporation on the planet tripping over themselves to jump on board of Al Gore's Good Ship Eco-flop? There's gold in them there hills, that's why. And it did not take very long for the United Nations to wake up to that fact. There never ending pursuit of guilt dollars with which to line their pockets now includes posturing on the global warming scare.

Hedging their bets with the advent of cascading failures related to the flagship Millennium Development Goals, supporting Al Gore's global warming scheme with appeals for money of their own indicates a true talent for extortion. But then you may need to read the full article to appreciate the style with which the scam is presented. Apparently for some, having a large contingent supporting the current rage on GW with an equally large contingent rejecting the notion has not sent up enough red flags leading to a continued search for the truth.

UN Says Billions Needed to Help Poor Countries Deal with Climate Change
By Marianne Kearney
28 November 2007

The United Nations is calling on developed countries to donate billions of dollars to help poorer nations deal with the devastating effects of climate change. Marianne Kearney has more from Jakarta.

A new report by the U.N. Development Program paints a dire picture of how poor people will be affected by climate change. The report calls on first world countries to pay for the damage their greenhouse gas emissions inflict on developing nations.

Two-thirds of the world's poor live in Asia. The U.N. warns they will be especially vulnerable to the effects of rising temperatures, even if tough measures to limit greenhouse gas emissions are implemented now.

Hakan Bjorkman, the U.N. Development Program's country director for Indonesia, says more funding is needed to help poorer countries avoid loss of life and income as a result of droughts, flooding and food shortages.

"Only $26 million have been spent through the UNFCC mechanism on adaptation, while something like $86 billion is needed by 2015," he said.

Bjorkman says most of the funding to help countries deal with the effects of climate change has flowed to wealthy nations rather than poor ones.

In addition, the U.N. estimates that a fund of $25 billion to $50 billion a year is needed to help developing countries switch to cleaner energy sources.

The UNDP's report says a rise of just two degrees in the oceans' temperature would cause glaciers in the Himalayas to melt, affecting the food and water source for two billion people in Asia. Increased flow in the region's rivers would displace 22 million people downstream in Vietnam alone.

The UNDP also warns that rising sea levels would cause the collapse of coral reefs, affecting coastal communities in Indonesia and elsewhere in Asia.

The report calls on developing countries to cut their greenhouse emissions by 80 percent by the year 2050, and says India and China should cut their emissions by 20 percent in the same time frame.

Bjorkman says there is a stark difference between the ability of rich and poor countries to adapt to global warming.

"For example, in the United Kingdom where $1.2 billion is being used to prepare for flooding, in the Netherlands people are investing, with government support, in some kind of floating houses, so when the flooding comes they can actually float up," said Bjorkman .

While in Ethiopia, adaptation is about women having to walk much further to get water and in Bangladesh its about people building flood shelters on bamboo sticks and in Vietnam there are swimming lessons for women and children."

The U.N. report also warns that in Indonesia, climate change has already helped lead to an increase in water borne diseases such as malaria and dengue, and in child malnutrition.

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