Saturday, October 27, 2007

Have the UNMIK abuses turned the Serbs against America and Western Europe?

You probably won't know the answer to this question:

Western Betrayal of General Draza Mihailovic

Are Serbs, and Serbian-Americans, on your side?

You can't imagine that the Serbs could possibly be on your side? Especially after everything that's happened in the past sixty years, including eight years of the UNMIK debacle? Think again!

It may surprise you to know that, even now, Orthodox Christian Serbian-Americans pray every Sunday in church for America's government and armed forces. Serbs in Europe do much the same. Serbs, in Serbia and elsewhere, are waiting for Americans to come to their senses about jihadism in the Balkans and elsewhere, preferably before it's too late to avoid widespread destruction to what's left of the civilized world!

Download this book - FREE of charge - and read the other articles that follow.

Shameful Betrayal of General Draza Mihailovich, Hero of Two World Wars

Free book available in PDF format, courtesy of Andy Wilcoxson:

Gen. Mihailovic's only crime was resisting the twin evils of Hitler's fascism and Stalin's communism...

"Because the book is out of print and the publisher went out of business more than 50 years ago copies of it are hard to come by, so I scanned my copy, and through the magic of the Internet you can download your own copy of the book in PDF format by right clicking this link and selecting "Save Target As" (please note file is 137 MB)." ...

General Mihailovich fell seventeen months after the so-called "liberation" of Yugoslavia. Reports from Belgrade on March 24th, 1946, announced his capture under puzzling circumstances on March 13th, 1946. His trial before a Communist military court began on June 10th, 1946. He was "sentenced" to death on July 15th, 1946, and murdered on July 17th, 1946.

General Mihailovich is no more. He has departed this world convinced that he was abandoned by the Allies. The voices that were raised abroad in his defence were not allowed to reach him and he died without the satisfaction of knowing that in the opinion of many he died an innocent man and a great soldier.

General Mihailovich is no more, but the legends of his heroic deeds are becoming more and more popular and they live in the hearts of the people.

General Mihailovich is no more. He has departed this world. Those who have murdered him have not only perpetrated a crime, they have also committed a grave mistake, for democratic public opinion is well aware of General Mihailovich's merits.

General Mihailovich is no more. The last words of this great patriot were concise and poignant. He said:

"I strove for much, I undertook much, but the gales of the world have carried away both me and my work."

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