Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another United Nations Failure Report

In August and September there were posts here on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Recent reports indicate October will not pass without another reminder of expected failure. The first report features a conference on a popular topic of UN media releases; stories about women and children. Women's issues are a staple subject for the UN. This particular conference is about maternal health. 20 years of maternal health publicity and 15 years of Millennium fantasies are not producing results.
Maternal Health Conference Opens in London
By Tendai Maphosa
18 October 2007

A three-day conference on ways to reduce preventable deaths of newborns and women during pregnancy has opened in London. Tendai Maphosa has more for VOA from London.

The Women Deliver Conference has attracted about 2,000 delegates, including politicians from Africa and Asia, heads of U.N. agencies, health professionals, human rights activists, and faith groups from 75 countries.

The conference kicks off amid concern that Millennium Development Goal Five, which aims to improve maternal health, may not be achieved. The target set by the United Nations is to reduce maternal mortality by 75 percent between 1990 and 2015.

The UN's MD goals are failing on other fronts as well. There are often statements referenced in articles like the one below that imply the UN relies on 'raising awareness' as if no one realizes there are issues that need to be resolved. Which can lead one to the obvious conclusion all these campaigns are a scam.

Most Countries Making Slow Progress Resolving World Hunger Crisis
By Rosanne Skirble
Washington, DC
18 October 2007

In 2000, leaders from 189 countries adopted a United Nations plan to cut extreme poverty and hunger. The U.N. Millennium Development goals aimed, by 2015, to cut hunger in half and child mortality by two-thirds.

Uruguay, Peru and the Fiji Islands have also done relatively well, but according to the Index most countries will not reach the U.N. Millennium targets if progress continues at current rates.
There were three other examples of the UN doing nothing but making unnecessary statements. It has become so commonplace it is as if they are in a trance and do it automatically. Likewise the public seems quite prepared to ignore them. The member countries are under no pressure to honor the stated mission of the United Nations and so things continue to languish. Any progress made can be credited to others with no legitimate reason for the UN to exist.

UN Chief Urges Iraqis to Promote National Reconciliation

UN: North Korean Flood Victims Need Emergency Aid

UN Official Says Millions Go Hungry in Burma Despite Vast Agricultural Resources

And if you are following the story in Burma, while a tragic situation, it presents a typical UN response to crisis within the world. The public pleadings of the UN may only help the culprits of each crisis. By now perpetrators worldwide must be aware of how to manipulate the UN's own practices to further their sinister ambitions. You can expect further empty statements, urgings and meaningless proclamations from the United Nations.

Stanford Matthews



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