Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ms Clinton and the UN Gun Stealers

The United Nations, disguised as a well meaning arbiter of peace, decided a long time ago that regular people having guns is a bad thing. This fact would be undisputed by anyone who understood art and also noticed that large statue outside the UN (of a gun, with the barrel twisted in a knot. Note that this gun is not a military weapon). The reason for this - an armed citisenry like exists in Sweden and the US. Not knowing who has guns and how many of those would defend their rights against a one world or other hostile takeover would make taking over places like the US and Sweden a risky venture at the very least and quite possibly a fool's errand.

Enter Hilary Clinton. Enter the UN Small Arms Treaty.

Once again, this is not an effort to promote world peace. This is not a nuclear ban or a control of military might. Nebulously disguised as an attempt to prevent terrorism, global mafias and insurgencies (ie revolutions which might ouster one-world happy dictators), this treaty is a global gun control power grab.

In the end, it will require nations to register, confiscate and eventually ban firearms owned by private citisens. That's YOU and ME folks, not the mafiosi of the world. It's also, as usual, an assault on national sovereignty. Translation, another nail in the coffins prepared for independent minded nations like the United States.

Like everything else nefariously planned by the United Nations, it is a binding treaty which calls for Congress to approve of it. (Isn't that sweet, a nation voting for it's own demise?!)

Don't let your congress do this to you without your protest!! IT takes 65 Senate votes to approve of a treaty. As you know, once it gets passed congress, Obama will definitely sign it into law, so it's up to the Congress to stop it. But, there really isn't a solid pro-second amendment bloc in the Senate. Remember the confirmation of anti-gun Supreme Court Justice Sotamayor? Remember too how congress tends to back off making the President look bad on the world stage? And remember that our Secretary of State, appointed by the Obamanation himself, has promised to work closely with the United Nations to draft and promote this horrific idea.

Frankly the only way to defeat this nausea inspiring power grab is for every Senator in every district to believe that his or her seat is in grave danger if they get with this abhorrent program.

Money talks and B******* walks. They won't vote for it if they believe they will lose their jobs. Perhaps they will stand and say 'The people have spoken, we won't do this.' But I doubt it. More likely they will bury it in committee like they have with many other nauseating treaties. Or perhaps they will even disappear into the night to avoid this measure coming up at all like they did in Wisconsin...

Honestly, any of those would suffice, though I'd rather someone like Rand Paul or his father stand up and say "This is against our Constitution, take this treaty and shove it where the sun don't shine." Hey, I can dream, can't it?

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Blogger aa said...

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8:44 AM  
Blogger Ryan (MidNYteStorm) said...

The United States needs to pull out of the United nations and tell them to find another country for their HQ. We have lost too many lives fighting battles we did not belong in. Its time to stop wasting tax dollars on this organization and declare our independence from this organization and I believe our allies should do the same.

3:06 PM  
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