Monday, September 04, 2006

The UN Parlay - Buying time for Enemies of Free World

As difficult as it is to watch the parlay (as used by Johnny Depp for negotiations in Pirates of the Caribbean) as performed by the UN, the parlay does serve several purposes. Aside from the funny spectacle of the Secretary General walking around with egg on his face as recently as two days ago after having met with Mad Jad of Iran, the parlay buys time for the Axis of Evil and also provides unlimited excuses for eventual action by the West.

First, the Islamists have learned that Western leaders and the Secretary General of the UN take the parlay very seriously. They are greeted with the trappings of power, prestige, and pomp. And words, words, words.

As Mad Jad postures and as the Islamist leaders congratulate themselves for tieing the UN, and of course the West, in knots and for Hezbollah's aggression against Israel, the West uses the parlay too.

History shows that when any so-named Axis of Evil flexes its muscles, the West will retaliate and exclaim, "But, we tried the parlay."

All the while, the self-styled mavens of the UN knit like so many Madame LaFarges(sp) at the steps of the guillotine as Islamists make fools of them all. Nations of Western Civilization must set aside differences - real or imagined - and bind themselves together in defense of the West.

There is no shame in Western Civilization. We ended slavery. It survives today in North Africa. We advanced medicine to eradicate diseases that are making a resurgence among our citizens, the diseasess being brought from the Third World through our open border, suicide policies. The list of Western accomplishments goes on.

The parlay, the so-called de-escalation of hostilities is appeasement while the enemies of Israel and the West regroup and re-arm. But, parlay, parlay on dilettantes of the UN. When finally backed against the wall, the West will at last defend itself. The defense may not be pretty. There are just so many dinners a person can pay for with no results to show for it before he gets miffed.

As for the UN, we need results there or it's time to end it, not mend it. Failing that, the West needs to use the UN to its own purposes and to understand a major tenent of Islamists - "lie to the infidel, lie to the infidel, lie to the infidel." Shame on Kofi for believing one word Mad Jad says.

When the West fully understands the Islamist tenent - lie to the infidel - then the West can come from a position of strength, can do a bit of lying on their own, and use the UN for a change.


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