Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Scandal Surrounds the UN

By Layla Gonzalez
(cross posted w/permission from The Hill Chronicles)

When isn't there scandal surrounding the UN? According to Fox News today Ban Ki-moon will not be appointing an American Under Secretary, which has traditionally always been held by an American.

In Press reports over this past weekend it was reported that Ban might choose Alicia Barcena of Mexico to head up the administration and management office, but that report has not been confirmed. Barcena has been tied to the "Oil for Food Scandal."

If this is not enough to cause controversy considering the United States is the highest funder of the United Nations, UN peacekeepers are being accused of raping children in Sudan.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that there are 20 cases of sexual abuse by UN personnel in southern Sudan. They also stated that hundreds of children could have been abused. This is an atrocity of the worst kind.

In the wake of all the UN scandals still looms the blaring fact that it is the most despicable and dishonest organization and shames it's original founders who wanted to help those less fortunate.

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