Friday, October 13, 2006


There's an important vote tomorrow in the UN Security Council on North Korea, and apparently we have unanimity.

From Bloomberg:

The United Nations Security Council will vote tomorrow morning on a draft resolution sanctioning North Korea, U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said.

"We do have unanimous agreement,'' Bolton said. North Korea announced Oct. 8 that it had it carried out its first nuclear test, drawing condemnation from around the world.

Of course this unanimity came at a cost:
In a concession to China, the U.S. dropped explicit reference to a part of
the UN Charter that would make sanctions militarily enforceable, changing it to
Article 41 of Chapter 7, which only authorizes diplomatic and economic
sanctions. Agreement on a draft Security Council resolution circulated by the
U.S. on North Korea sanctions had been held up because of opposition from China
and Russia.
But why would China support diplomatic and economic sanctions if they "often justify their refusal to pressure North Korea by citing the risk of an economic collapse that would send millions of refugees northward into China?" And why if "the Chinese government argues... that the Koreans are economic migrants rather than refugees" and subject to deportation?

Because A: they're bluffing.

Or B: they're cheating.

The UN resolution will not work thanks largely in part to China. Sanction North Korea and find Chinese convoys of food, pipelines of fuel, and cables of electricity keeping North Korea alive and America on edge. Or from answer A, China would be honest about enforcing the resolution, creating more tension between them and North Korea, while the free nations save money. But it would be rather odd in bringing Chinese honesty out of their original dishonesty.

The UN is perhaps one of the greatest international political tools of power that China has, why use it to aid their adversary when not necessary? China will succumb to fixing North Korea when they realize it is in their best interest, or when it is forced upon them.


Blogger Beach Girl said...

We need an organization of like-minded nations like the 118 (non-aligned??) that met in Cuba - so that we can play our own games of hardball.

The UN is embarrassing and cost untold numbers of human lives each year due to ineptitude.

6:51 AM  
Blogger Stan said...

Such organizations exist, though they are largely focused on economics/trade and subordinate more or less, to the UN. It'll be very hard to build another NATO, such an organization would have to encompass economics which is increasingly a guiding factor in world politics.

The only lucrative and substantially effective influential power left the U.S. has is not ideology or politics, it's our capitalist system -something the rest of the world envies, at least the ends not necessarily the means.

Much of the world wants our success, but they naively think they can modify our capitalism with their own socialist reforms to make it more "compassionate," dooming them to failure. Anyway, the free nations already are influential in the UN, being the most wealthy and powerful, and change would be laborious. Also, it would jeapordize their future with what they view as a growing China, and a still powerful Russia, and facing dangerous Islamic demographics within their borders.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it, but until a worldwide catastrophy occurs, with more of the same from the UN, there will be no such organization independent of the UN. But I am optimistic we will prevail against Islamism, and anti-Western behavior. With or without the UN.

1:53 PM  
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