Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The UN - Morally Bankrupt and Neutered?

I have as yet to begin The Tower of Babble; but there were two articles in The Washington Times about the United Nations and "Coffee-cup" Annan. The articles are respectively: "Americans losing faith in U.N., survey finds"; and an editorial - "U.N. comeback?"

Let's dispense with the second one first. Essentially, the editorial addresses Kofi Annan (How much longer will we have to deal with this master of negotiations?) and his lead in "ending the 34-day Lebanon-Israel war". I seem to have been misinformed. I was under the impression that the war was between Hezbollah and Israel with Lebanon taking no part in the hostilities except of course for staying out of it all. Good planning, that.

The U.N. is ineffectual, held together only by the money of the United States and other Western nations, and has degenerated into a hate-America (and Israel) first club which vies with the American Left to see who can hate America the more vociferously.

To point to the ineffectual and neutered position of the U.N.'s Secretary General, the Supreme Leader of Iran - Ayatollah Ali Khamenei - would not even meet with him. Give Kofi his gold watch, his certificate of accomplishment, and send him off. The sooner the better.

The good news is the first article: Americans losing faith in the U.N..... The subtitle reads: Support grows for cutting world body's U.S. taxpayer funding. Yippee!
"Nearly three-quarters of the American people think the United Nations is no longer effective and could support cutting U.S. contributions to the world body....
The U.N. has degenerated into an America-bashing cliche. And Americans should not be forced to continue to subsidize it with our tax dollars. The U.N. is a hate-filled assemblage concentrating their hatred on the U.S. and Israel.

To make a point, all of the money that the United States government sends around the world, to Africa to fight AIDS; to any nation for any reason is money that American tax payers earned, one dollar at a time. The money comes from the tables of American tax payers. Every dollar that goes to aide of any sort is money that an American family does not have to feed and clothe its children. And so it is with all money that supports the U.N. Some family some place has their standard of living reduced to support the posturers of the U.N.

Back to the issue at hand. Where are the Israelis to go? The State of Israel is a member-state of the United Nations. Many of the members of the U.N. comport themselves like frat boys and girls in verbal slug-fests against nations that will not fight back.

And now, there will be more blue helmets in Lebanon - ensuring the re-arming of Hezbollah? Making southern Lebanon safe for terrorists? Making it impossible for the Israelis to defend themselves when Hezbollah starts lobbing rockets into Israel again? [These remarks are not directed at the nations of Europe who are sending the troops but rather to the use to which these troops will be put.]

The war that has been brought to the West will be fought sooner or later. We should tell the U.N. to step aside, pull the moving vans up to the U.N. loading docks, and move 'em out.

Appeasement has never worked. It will not work now. Eunichs have never held much power; they are used and controlled by more focused powers. No one in a long time has been as vocal and as focused at the Islamic Imperialists. Call the U.N. what it is - a so-so idea whose time has passed due to its own little white-laced handkerchief-wringing approach-avoidance behavior. End it; you can't mend it.