Friday, September 08, 2006

UN Counterterrorism Strategy

According to this AP story, the UN adopted a "counterterrorism strategy," coming no later than 5 years after 9/11. This concocted "strategy" requires nations to follow these intricately detailed and stringent rules:
...nations would be encouraged to give money to U.N. counterterrorism assistance projects. Border controls would be stepped up to prevent terrorists from crossing state lines or smuggling arms such as nuclear weapons.

Nations would vow to do more to exchange information that could be used to fight terrorism and to "take appropriate measures" to make sure that people seeking asylum have not committed terrorist acts or will not use their new status to do so.

The strategy includes a resolution to "make every effort" to come up with a comprehensive convention on international terrorism. Progress on defIning terrorism has been stymied because one country's terrorists can be another's freedom fighters.

And of course, according to UN tradition, hard-line definitive objectives are laid out... clear as day:
...many nations lamented that it does not include a definition or say anything about states that commit terrorist acts.
To summarize, the winning strategy to fight terror lies in these key phrases: encouraged to give money... take appropriate measures... make every effort... no definition... terrorists or freedom fighters... nothing on state-sponsored terrorism...

How do you suppose the UN can have a counter-terrorism strategy when it can't even define terrorism, let alone hurt the feelings of a member state by pointing out the obvious (Syria, Iran), yet never too slow to blame America.


Blogger R2K said...

What is the UN anywayu, really?

7:14 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

And Israel too gets the blame for the famine in the world, for the rapes by UN troops in Dafur, and the list goes on. Time to end it - the UN that is. Certainly, NYC could use the property for a better purpose.

11:53 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Read it again. The part that sounds so very UN, is the part to come up with a comprehensive convention. If they'd said conventions, okay, a list or protocol. But a "convention" is UN-speak for more meetings.

5:05 PM  
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