Sunday, September 17, 2006

United Nations Court threatens Sovereignty

The United States is shooting itself in the foot, giving credence to a monster that has no right to exist in the first place...

The United Nations is a threat to the United States and every one of the citisens of said states. I've presented threats to our rights to property and to raise our children as we please. Here is another power grab and how it threatens the rights of our 50 states...The International Criminal Court. It was made official on 11 April, 2002 at the United Nations headquarters. Former President Clinton signed the treaty on his last day in office.

Any subhuman with half a brain can see where this is going and how it can be abused. But where did it come from and why? As with most encroachments upon freedom today, it supposedly is for the "greater good of humanity." Beforehand, international tribunals were setup to deal with massive human rights abuses like that of the Nazi's in Germany. With constant warfare and international strife, human rights abuses abound these days and some brilliant politician thought it would be a good idea to have a court available at all times. In 1998, the Rome Statute asked for the establishment of something along this line to deal with human rights abuses. The US, China, Israel and Iraq voted against this statue, but it received the 60 ratifications necessary to make it a treaty already.

Oddly enough, rather than object for the appropriate reason...our human rights as protected by out Constitution and how such a court would infringe on the rights of citisens of these United States...objections by US officials are based on fear that politically motivated charges could be brought against Presidents and the military during wars which were not internationally popular.

This is not a treaty among parties in agreement, this is a treaty which seeks to subordinate all nations of the world to the rule of the United Nations. The ICC can act whenever it deems a nation's courts have failed to act, and we already have seen pressure on the Italian justice system to change after the UN affiliated Param Cumaraswamy criticised it. the Italian justice system is lawed and has been for years but you don't treat a local infection with Chemotherapy. Provisions also exist to prosecute injury to a population's "mental health" and appear deliberately vague. Sounds like a way to force international agendas on our school kids to me (and if you can't make the connection I'll be glad to explain it).

One of the most abominable provisions of the the ICC is that it also has the power to bring charges against individuals without the consent of their government. The United Nations would bring charges on behalf of another nation and those charges can be placed against citisens of nations, such as the United States, which have not ratified the treaty. This in effect sets the United Nations as THE world organisation, the one which has the rights to supercede all nation states. It is not just an attack on National Sovereignty, it is an attempt to do away with the concept altogether. The UN has attempted to interfere with our legal system in the past...

Here is what the state dept has said about this treaty and court

As far as I can tell our acting Embassador to the UN, John Bolton is personally against the ICC. If we have to have an ambassidor, it may as well be someone who's against the ICC, right?

The United States has been under international criticism because the Bush administration refused to support this treaty, often characterised as a "Lone Ranger." Bush wants to "stay the course" in Iraq. I hope that he and all other presidents have the gonads to "stay the course" against such abominations as the ICC. Inevitably, though, someone will be tried in abstentia against the will of the United States. I hope that at this time, the appropriate measures are taken (like bombing the ICC).


Blogger Beach Girl said...

Excellent. Thank you. John Bolton is the best for the job. Can't you see him in cowboy hat, guns slung low, saying, "And your point was?"

We have so many threats to our national sovereignty right now it's hard to make a list. And exactly what's this 118 nations meeting in Cuba to bash the USA. I say, they should give us our money back. Would you comment on that meeting, please. Is it a "new" anti-Western Civilization Nations thing?

2:12 PM  
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