Thursday, September 14, 2006

UN - A Common Beginning, No More...

Based upon The Tower of Babble, it seems that the UN in its founding had about 40 nations who had fought the Axis Powers in World War II. Most of these nations, not all, were democracies and could be called the Free World or Western Civilization. They seemed to have a common purpose - to nip rouge nations in the bud before they could drag the world into an international war.

The founders of the UN did not seem to be appeasers, having seen the rotten fruits of that sort of wasted labor fraught with meaningless negotiations designed by the threatening nation to give it time to strengthen as well as to enable it to "blackmail" the appeasing nations. "You give me this land, and I'll leave you alone..." This ploy should sound familiar. [Warning to Israel - give not one more inch of land.]

The UN, however, has lost the moral compass and clear-headed purpose it had in its infancy. Over the years it has grown to 192 nations, most of which are authoritarian despotic regimes. Their purpose has devolved into bashing nations that either don't bow down to the anti-free world folks or don't submit their citizens to the rule of the UN.

The UN wants to rule the world through arrogance and to tie free nations up in knots of legalese, international laws, and such. This mode of operation is in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States (for one). Our Senate has the treaty-making power/function and that cannot be superseded by the whipper-snappers of the UN. They may, however, be very effectual in tieing us up in knots and eroding our individual freedoms. [See Lady Raven's post on the UN and its influence on US laws pertaining to private property ownership.]

The common beginning is no more; Western Civilization is under attack by the Islamic Imperialists aided and abetted by the UN. The UN knows it is ineffectual and dependent upon member states for funding. To end-run that little inconvenience, the UN is trying to codify laws which would enable it to individually tax American citizens. Would they arrest us if we didn't pay? Would Blue Helmets knock at our doors, drag us to international jails?

Americans better get serious about guarding our liberty and we'd better get the US out of the UN - fast.

[If the US leaves, the UN will either fold or the Western nations will re-align, in effect making the UN fold. That would be like a gust of fresh air filling our lungs and renewing our spirit. Wouldn't the breeze of freedom on your face feel good?]
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