Monday, September 18, 2006

French-led UNIFIL Unwilling to Disarm Hezbollah

I'm cross posting this from my co-blogger Prophet Muhammad:

My beloved Fighters of Freedom known to infidels as Hizbollah, will be victorious against the Great Satan's ally. For Allah hath shown favor to my fundamentalists in their extermination of Little Satan, and great disdain for the Western infidels; thus the leader of the infidel forces hath no choice but to submit unto His will:

The French general commanding U.N. peacekeeping forces in Lebanon said Monday his troops would not intervene to disarm Hezbollah, even as French President Jacques Chirac said the militant group should not keep a military wing.

Maj. Gen. Alain Pelligrini told reporters the main task of his U.N. force is to ensure southern Lebanon cannot be used as a base for attacks on Israel.

"The disarmament of Hezbollah is not the business of UNIFIL. This is a strictly Lebanese affair, which should be resolved at a national level," he said.Pelligrini's assessment underscored the constraints facing the beefed-up U.N. mission despite a tougher mandate and far greater manpower.
The Western infidels are weak, especially those they call French, and my Islamist Freedom Fighters will not surrender the sword, for it is Allah's will. But even I, Prophet of prophets, understandeth not, the workings of the Great Satan and his allies, for Great Satan and Little Satan delivereth blows to my people, only to then let my people picketh up the sword at a later time.

Allah must have great power over the people of the land of Great Satan and his allies, for the Great Satan and his allies must want to be destroyed by Jihad for their failings in the understanding of Victory.


Blogger Beach Girl said...

Can we expect any less of the French leaders today? It is disappointing and shows even more clearly that we are marching to an unavoidable war - of greater proportions than we see today. Problem is in US, we don't seem to be able to see this. It is better to fight the fight you can control than to wait until it is out of control. Can you believe that in WWII, the US had 16 million folks in uniform? That was 60 years ago. What was our population then? A lot less than 300 million. Good post.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

France just backed down on Iran sanctions.

Predictable, sadly.

12:32 AM  

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