Saturday, November 04, 2006

China and Russia support UNified lapdog-coalition to destroy America

Having just read Stan's three posts regarding nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and China's pursuit of her own "interests" within her region, I am reminded of the leaders from the 118 UN-aligned nations which met in Cuba as a run-up to the larger UN meetings in New York City. The UN has 192 nation-members.

The meeting, of course, is that meeting where Mad Jad and Hugo Ugo postured and called President Bush the devil. Hugo Ugo has to be wrong on several counts, most important of which is that the devil's greatest trick was in convincing the world that he doesn't exist. President Bush has certainly failed on that score. He exists; he takes hits from anyone and everyone who can put two words together.

But back to the UNified Coalition. Let's see: 192 UN member-nations versus 118 UN-aligned member-nations = those joined to kill us 118; with the exception of US, 73 nations that don't want to kill US or just get too much money from us to see it worth their while to hop on the UNified Coalition's train at the moment.

Talks make the rounds from time to time about forming a coalition of nations who support freedom and liberty. The talk is moot. The coalition exists de facto based on the alignment of the anti-American, dictator potentates of the UN-aligned nations.

There is no UN, on paper yes; funded primarily by our taxes, yes; keeping the world from plunging down the slope of no return into world war, NO. The UN, as Stan and others say, is defunct, dysfunctional/divorced by its actions from the founding documents, and inefficient.

The United States should withdraw its funding for the UN except for perhaps the "charitable" aspects and then only if our name stays on the goods we ship to desparate nations. Someone with the power to make substantive changes needs to take a look at the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, and any other international organization that we (US, Australia, UK, Japan, other nations that generally side with the United States) fund and either nail signs across the front saying "closed for business" or withdraw our support.

The UN clearly is subversive of the liberties we hold dear; the UN is an "in place", active threat to our nation, our way of life. The UN wants to tax American citizens directly; the UN wants to confiscate our guns; the UN inspects our jails/prisons - probably to ensure that the Islamists goals of recruitment are not diminished; the UN applauds when our President Bush is so incredibly attacked and, by extention, we are each insulted by these thugs.

Get the UN out of the United States, and except for a cursory role, get US OUT of the UN. Good posts, Stan.

One aside to China and Russia - watch out that the dogs you feed and the dogs you think you control don't turn on you. They will and with a vengeance. Their goal is "world domination". You think that lets you off the hook. Think again!

Should we, the US, continue on our path of support for this despicable group of "organized" thugs, history will be writ large that the demise of freedom and liberty began and ended with the sham United Nations. A clearer methodology to bring about our own destruction could not have been created by a novelist. We have supported these thugs; and they have worked one-step-at-a-time to gang up on us, using our money to pay for every step of the way.

And should we abandon the people of Iraq, look no further than to the hall, the conferences, of the UN. Through the UN, Western nations are being invaded around the world, nation-cultures are about to topple. And at the root, strings being pulled by manipulating "religionists"(so-called) within the UN, execute every "shot" that flies across our bow or that detonates the explosives around the waist of a maniacle bomber.

Am I saying that the UN aids and abets terrorists and terrorist controlling nation-states just by letting the potentates belong to the UN. The UN tramples its charter and spits in the face of freedom, applauding at every opportunity.

Godspeed and stay safe.


Blogger Stan said...

Thanks, and good post. If you haven't heard of the term "soft power," look it up in Joseph Nye's books. It's a powerful tool of US foreign policy, yet we throw it away when our good name is wiped from our humanitarian aid. Public opinion is the most powerful factor in governments, and we fail to capitalize off of it.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I'll look it up. Stan, I believe there is a great deal of "capital" we have that we don't use. Have a great weekend.

2:36 PM  
Blogger captainoconnell said...

Se prima dei 20 anni sei fascista , forse hai passione.

Se lo sei anche dopo, forse hai una preparazione che ti permette di poter affermare le tue idee.

Se,invece, dopo i 20 anni ti arroghi il diritto di dare patenti a chi ha testa o no, forse è presunzione.

Quanti anni ho io è scritto nel profilo, ma non sono ancora diventato arrogante, nè antifascista.

3:26 AM  
Blogger Bunchuk said...

I think you lot are way off. Don't you think that if the majority of the world community don't support the actions of the USA it is proabably something to do with US policy, not the rest of the world being evil?

2:11 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Well, the rest of the world still takes my tax dollars. But then perhaps that is because I'm foolish enough to give my tax dollars to the "world." What would you have our policies be? Just a short list would be helpful.

3:56 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Captain Oconnell, I cannot read Italian, sorry. If you said that we are arrogant, maybe so. Maybe we are just tired of being the "whipping boy" and getting to pay the thugs who whip us. But the times are changing for the time being. With the new House of Representatives in the US, the UN will get all the 'love' it can handle. The Democrats believe what the winners of the Miss America or Miss Universe say, "I just want world peace." Hugs and kisses all around and let's just try to "understand" what we do that motivates the Islamists, as an example, to hate us.

It is the same ideology that wants to "rehabilitate" murderers, rapists, and pedophiles because society made them do it. Take care in Italy.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Bunchuk said...

They take your tax dollars, does that really matter, are you going to starve? are you not going to be able to buy a new computer, no! Its hardly a sacrifice. As for policies, well I would start by not waging war on countries on the basis of dodgy dossiers.

Gli Americani possono essere tale xenophobics, come possono parlare degli assassini, le loro mani sono impregnati nell'anima.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Bunchuk, who are you to tell me the sacrifice it is to me to have to earn then give away those tax dollars? You have no way of knowing how many of us do without because of the consfication of our labor to have our government give our labor to the likes of those who then spit in our faces and blow up our buildings.

The sacrifice is greater than you think. I must do without for the sake of redistribution of wealth to our generational, you-owe-me-a-living crowd, and the international crowd of those we "defend". Yes, I want us out of the worthless UN or at least only in the health/help giving aspects. The UN is only reasonably good at bringing food, etc to people in crisis. No need for me to "hate" other nations. The hatred is the other way around - other nations hate us, fine by me, we could use our money here at home.

Excuse, haven't gotten my Italian dictionary yet so don't know how eloquently you have insulted me/us.

When do you think Italy is posed to become an Islamic Republic? I have good friends there who I hope are working against that. If it happens, you can thank the UN for its redistribution of the world's people, the UN's hatred of Europe and the desire of its many Third World nations to add Italy to the list.

I pray that does not happen. It will be a horrible thing to see the ancient works of magnificent artisans ground into dust. You may not like me or my nation but we revere Italy and honor her. Oriana Fallaci was a treasure to Italy and the government silenced her in her own home.

You are so fluent in English. I am now reading Eurabia also Because they hate by Brigitte Gabriel.
Thank you for your comments, sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.

2:05 AM  
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