Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Vow from the United Nations

"Violent incidents and casualties have declined and we have witnessed
the improved performance of Iraq security forces during a series of
operations," said Lynn Pascoe, U.N. undersecretary-general for
political affairs.

Lynn Pascoe may 'have witnessed' the improvements but failed to
recognize in this quote that the US military is solely responsible for
the success. Funny how the UN is quick to criticize the US, do
little or nothing to support the effort, make casual reference to
improved conditions on the ground and whine that political progress is
needed. Besides being the same old tired response, it is
certainly not timely, insightful or valuable.

In a briefing for the U.N. Security Council, Pascoe said that it was
necessary to cement security gains with "strengthened and sustained
political dialogue" among the country's rival factions.

This partial quote hardly merits comment as it is simply a continuation
of the anemic sideline play-by-play offered by the United Nations.

"The U.N. has been doing all it can to urge practical compromises,"
Pascoe said. "A failure to come to agreement on a law at this time
would be a major setback, not only for the prospects of elections this
year but for the larger process of national reconciliation in Iraq."

Almost like an endless loop cassette the UN expresses what everyone has
already heard or read from numerous other sources. Would it be
too much to ask that the United Nations use their lackluster influence
on their own membership to expedite solutions by tabling the separate
member agendas and advancing proposals in the best interests of the
target country, in this case, Iraq. And perhaps they could
convince those holding prominent positions in the Iraqi 'government' to
delay their self-serving practices used for personal gain until the
ordinary citizens are afforded something that resembles a 'normal' life.

As for the opening of the last quote, 'the UN has been doing all it
can....' is certainly as understatement. That an organization can
continue to present such absurd statements in view of all they have
never done says it all. The only possible use for the UN is
providing a mouthpiece for members to express views for which they do
not want to take the heat. It is easier to let the organization
(UN) receive the criticism rather than the real source(s).
Everyone is guilty so no one accepts blame. The sad history of
international politics continues as it always has and the United
Nations plays its role in supporting the insanity.

The Security Council is expected to vote on Friday to extend the
mandate of the U.N. mission in Iraq, which has vowed to expand the role
of the United Nations there.

Here is a vow you can count on. Do you remember what the UN
mission did in Iraq when the heat was turned up last time?

UN leaves
skeleton staff in Iraq

Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 September, 2003, 06:56 GMT 07:56 UK

The United Nations has again cut the number of its international staff
in Iraq due to security concerns, leaving fewer than 50 foreign
employees in the country.

More than 30 UN international staff pulled out of Iraq over the
weekend, but UN spokesman Fred Eckhard said other staff were still
entering Iraq.

Before the 19 August car bomb attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad
that killed 22 people, the UN had more than 600 staff in Iraq.

Why does the UN need a mission is Iraq? They certainly can
provide nothing from a remote location. Or is it to justify more
donations from member countries like, I don't know, the US? If
anyone can cite examples when the United Nations did something
impressive, please advise.

Stanford Matthews