Monday, April 20, 2009

UN Rights of the Child TREATY must be stopped

The purpose of this post is to link you to a post by WatchDog: Congress is attempting to take your parental rights away!

We have been hearing and fighting for years the attempts of the United Nations to push its camel's nose under the tent of the sovereignty of the United States of America.  Nothing new on that but..

There seems to be a feeling of victory, a euphoria of power, churning in the Marxist-left of America's power elites that we have the votes, we have the power, and the time is now.  Recall Hillary's It takes a village;  and Obama's belief in the collective over the rights of the individual.

In WatchDog's first paragraph these words ring out:  "The Obama administration is poised to adopt the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child."  

This is a treaty pushed by the Obama administration, vehemently supported by Secretary of State Hillary CLINTON - a leading advocate and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) who, according to WatchDog, vows the treaty will be ratified.

WatchDog's post delineates the parental rights and authority you will no longer have regarding your own children and their well-being.

Like so many initiatives that are swirling around us in these first 100 days, just like Obama's G-20 agreement to allow our banking practices to be evaluated by foreign sources, this "treaty" is just one more Draconian nail that is intended to be driven through the heart of America's national sovereignty. 

Sunday, April 05, 2009

International Response to North Korean Missile Launch

The US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, was on ABC's This Week, April 5, 2009. She had a discussion with George Stephanopoulos on North Korea's missile launch and what the International response will be?

STEPHANOPOULOS: So what will this international response be?

RICE: Well, George, we have been in close consultation with our allies in Asia, in particular, Japan and South Korea about the appropriate response. We have consulted over the last several days, including this morning as well with the Russians and the Chinese.

So the U.N. Security Council will meet this afternoon in emergency session. I'll be going up there straightaway. And we will be discussing the appropriate response. The United States believes that this action is best dealt with -- the most appropriate response would a United Nations Security Council resolution.

So what will this international response be? Translation: NOTHING

STEPHANOPOULOS: So there will be new sanctions toughening...

RICE: George, we have 15 members of the Security Council and -- including the permanent five, so we all need to come together around this. But the United States' view is, this is serious, it's a violation, and it merits and appropriately strong United Nations response. We'll be...

So what will this international response be? Translation: NOTHING

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you can't say yet what those consequences will be. And there is no guarantee that the U.N. today or over the course of next week is going to impose sanctions on North Korea...


RICE: George, we need to continue to work closely with our allies Japan and South Korea, with partners in the Security Council to achieve united action. And that's what we will do.

So what will this international response be? Translation: NOTHING

transcript sources:

Martha Raddatz said in the roundtable discussion that 'a forcebul statement' is probably all there is. She also said that Barack Obama is learning how difficult diplomatic relations can be and that the situation he is in is no different than what George Bush faced.

Maybe the US can join its partners at the United Nations to solve this problem.

UN Security Council fails to agree on North Korea reaction
Los Angeles Times - 3 hours ago
South Korea’s UN envoy Park In-kook, center, arrives for the UN Security Council emergency session in New York. The US sought a resolution as an appropriate ...

So what will this international response be? Translation: NOTHING

Stanford Matthews