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The UN Production of the Flim Flam Man

A scarred reputation from the oil for food program, the failing Millennium Development Goals, another lame example of international intervention featured prominently in Burma as well as the abuses of sex scandals and general corruption now lay the back drop for a budget increase at the United Nations.

By Patrick Worsnip
Thu Oct 25
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon proposed on Thursday a rise in the U.N. budget for the next two years, seeking extra funding to head off conflicts and promote human rights amid new demands on the world body.

Thu Oct 25
UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. Secretary-General proposed a two-year budget of $4.2 billion on Thursday, saying the small increase isn't much in light of the growing demands on the United Nations to address a range of diplomatic and security challenges.

What a preposterous notion noted in the two news reports. Ban Ki-Moon apparently cites heading off conflicts, growing demands and addressing diplomatic, security and human rights issues as reasons for a budget increase. In the private sector, bottom line and key performance measures commonly dictate funding parameters for future allocation of resources. Not unlike most governments, public sector organizations in general draw no attention to the fact that no budget decisions reflect the effectiveness of the entity seeking more money. School boards and other local government bodies as well as state and federal governments routinely raise budgets without the corresponding justification of successful past performance.

In the UN's case, the Millennium Development Goals alone are sufficient cause to deny budget increases. The little that will prove successful over a minimum of two decades demonstrates clearly that the UN has never possessed the ability to be effective. Certainly there are numerous other examples of the organizations futility but the MDG have special significance. The initiative was to benefit all people of the world who suffer from common deficiencies related to poverty, hunger, disease and similar difficulties not related to the benefit of any particular country or group. So even programs that remove any suggestion of favoritism are beyond the UN's ability to achieve success.

"That is not much, considering the demands upon us," he said, naming conflicts and potential crisis areas as well as longer-term challenges of alleviating poverty, providing humanitarian aid and fighting climate change and HIV/AIDS.

Listening over and over again to the identical sounds of each United Nations pronouncement.... last year .... $3.8 Billion. Price of allowing this scam to continue..... limitless. Let's see Mastercard do an ad on this. There are many voices echoing the call for an end to the United Nations and it is not limited to any one website. Whether campaign rhetoric or not, several US Presidential candidates have made equivalent statements. It may be necessary to engage in the typical demeaning activities characterized by radical public protests. Thoughtful communication focusing attention toward the flaws of the United Nations may already having the needed impact, one post at a time.

One last note on the words of Ban Ki Moon. An example of his budget increase justification specified an amount for an extremely vague purpose. $18 Million dollars to 'strengthen the Department of Political Affairs.' How about using at least that much money to do some good for the people you are charged with serving, e.g., helping. And by that it is not meant that the money should be given to those within the United Nations organization. That is the biggest problem. All that money that never gets to a legitimate destination.

Stanford Matthews

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Have the UNMIK abuses turned the Serbs against America and Western Europe?

You probably won't know the answer to this question:

Western Betrayal of General Draza Mihailovic

Are Serbs, and Serbian-Americans, on your side?

You can't imagine that the Serbs could possibly be on your side? Especially after everything that's happened in the past sixty years, including eight years of the UNMIK debacle? Think again!

It may surprise you to know that, even now, Orthodox Christian Serbian-Americans pray every Sunday in church for America's government and armed forces. Serbs in Europe do much the same. Serbs, in Serbia and elsewhere, are waiting for Americans to come to their senses about jihadism in the Balkans and elsewhere, preferably before it's too late to avoid widespread destruction to what's left of the civilized world!

Download this book - FREE of charge - and read the other articles that follow.

Shameful Betrayal of General Draza Mihailovich, Hero of Two World Wars

Free book available in PDF format, courtesy of Andy Wilcoxson:

Gen. Mihailovic's only crime was resisting the twin evils of Hitler's fascism and Stalin's communism...

"Because the book is out of print and the publisher went out of business more than 50 years ago copies of it are hard to come by, so I scanned my copy, and through the magic of the Internet you can download your own copy of the book in PDF format by right clicking this link and selecting "Save Target As" (please note file is 137 MB)." ...

General Mihailovich fell seventeen months after the so-called "liberation" of Yugoslavia. Reports from Belgrade on March 24th, 1946, announced his capture under puzzling circumstances on March 13th, 1946. His trial before a Communist military court began on June 10th, 1946. He was "sentenced" to death on July 15th, 1946, and murdered on July 17th, 1946.

General Mihailovich is no more. He has departed this world convinced that he was abandoned by the Allies. The voices that were raised abroad in his defence were not allowed to reach him and he died without the satisfaction of knowing that in the opinion of many he died an innocent man and a great soldier.

General Mihailovich is no more, but the legends of his heroic deeds are becoming more and more popular and they live in the hearts of the people.

General Mihailovich is no more. He has departed this world. Those who have murdered him have not only perpetrated a crime, they have also committed a grave mistake, for democratic public opinion is well aware of General Mihailovich's merits.

General Mihailovich is no more. The last words of this great patriot were concise and poignant. He said:

"I strove for much, I undertook much, but the gales of the world have carried away both me and my work."

But wait, there's more!

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Dissecting the UN Debacle in Kosovo

Al Gore photo from 2007 Nobel Peace Prize UN emblem Al Gore photo from 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

This four-part series on the Kosovo UN debacle is worth reading word for word!

From Kultur&Nöge (Sweden):

Still not sure what's going on in Kosovo? Then read this:

My Article in American Legion Magazine

Posted by Julia Gorin under Republican Riot, June 30th 2007 01:26:27 PM

Dear Readers,
I wrote an article titled "The 'Successful War' we Lost in Kosovo" for American Legion Magazine, the publication of America's largest veterans organization. Because its articles aren't available online, I've scanned it in. Here are the links, from page 1 to page 6 (though the article is not a full six pages):

Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6

FYI: Draza Mihailovic is mentioned.

But wait, there's more:

The fish rots from the head...

Of course, much of this occurred on Kofi Annan's watch. Will he ever be held to account?

(cue sound of crickets chirping)

On the contrary; Kofi Annan was rewarded with half of the Nobel "Peace" Prize in 2001.

And al-Goracle? What does he have to do with it?

Not too many people still remember Al Gore's role in this. But Al Gore is equally culpable because - as far back as July, 1992 - he was a major instigator for the Clinton Administration's misguided war against the Serbs that made this whole debacle possible. It should surprise no one that he, too, was awarded the same prize in 2007. Obviously the fix is in!

Posted on Screw the UN, 1389 Blog - Antijihadist Tech, and Fort Hard Knox

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United Nations Was Never the Point

If a country has been ruled by a military junta since 1962 and is currently engaged in a 'crackdown' against citizens they deem problematic, what possible relevance does forming a committee to develop a constitution possess? If 15 or 20 years have gone by with no measurable progress on implementing reforms announced, the answer to this question is simple. The military bullies are simply posturing for the international media, the United Nations and anyone else silly enough to view this latest report as meaningful.

The UN and at least one NGO have indicated millions of people are or may be starving within Burma. This is beyond the number of victims produced in the military regime's current abuse of the Burmese people. The response by the international community has been the typical sanction threats or actions, the usual suspects dissenting on any action against the ruling thugs of Burma and almost everyone else largely ignoring the entire situation. At least that is how it appears with no solution provided and the UN doing the usual kabuki dance.

You can take all the ideologies on the planet and throw them out. If every country was forced to survive only with what is available within their own geopolitical boundaries we would soon learn that from a practical standpoint we need each other. While the Jihadists inflict upon the innocent their crude, barbaric and self-centered retribution and the recognized nations of the world continue business as usual as a more subtle approach to the same end, targeting other human beings as one's prey for personal gain will fuel the unrest and bitterness throughout this planet ad infinitum.

It is not really a matter of the United Nations being flawed or incompetent. The organization and the members it represents never sincerely intended to achieve the goals contained in any mission statement. It was merely a convenient method to appear concerned and open another channel for pursuing their original objectives; to rise above the competing nations for a superior position in the world. And the game continues unabated.

Burma's Military Government Appoints Commission to Draft Constitution
By VOA News
18 October 2007

Burma's military government says it has appointed a committee tasked with drafting the country's constitution.

State media Thursday report the 54-member committee will be chaired by Chief Justice Aung Toe.

The move is another step in the military government's so-called "road map" to democracy that it says will lead to elections in the future.

The guidelines for a new charter were decided during 14 years of talks that ended in September. The party of detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was not a participant in those talks and the guidelines bar her from holding office.

The U.S. State Department Thursday reproached the Burmese government for failing to halt its crackdown, release political prisoners, or open a dialogue with its political opponents.

Burmese state media claim the government is still holding nearly 380 people arrested in the crackdown on protesters.

Separately, the U.N. World Food Program reports that an estimated five million people in Burma, or roughly 10 percent of its population, are on the verge of starvation.

Earlier today, the United Nations envoy to Burma, Ibrahim Gambari, suggested that international powers give Burma incentives to let it know that the world is not just there to punish its military rulers.

Gambari is in Jakarta as part of an Asian tour aimed at increasing pressure on Burma's government after its bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protests last month.

Gambari says he will make his next trip to Burma around mid-November, or earlier, if possible.

He hopes to meet with Burma's top military leader, General Than Shwe, and detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi during the visit.

Stanford Matthews

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another United Nations Failure Report

In August and September there were posts here on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Recent reports indicate October will not pass without another reminder of expected failure. The first report features a conference on a popular topic of UN media releases; stories about women and children. Women's issues are a staple subject for the UN. This particular conference is about maternal health. 20 years of maternal health publicity and 15 years of Millennium fantasies are not producing results.
Maternal Health Conference Opens in London
By Tendai Maphosa
18 October 2007

A three-day conference on ways to reduce preventable deaths of newborns and women during pregnancy has opened in London. Tendai Maphosa has more for VOA from London.

The Women Deliver Conference has attracted about 2,000 delegates, including politicians from Africa and Asia, heads of U.N. agencies, health professionals, human rights activists, and faith groups from 75 countries.

The conference kicks off amid concern that Millennium Development Goal Five, which aims to improve maternal health, may not be achieved. The target set by the United Nations is to reduce maternal mortality by 75 percent between 1990 and 2015.

The UN's MD goals are failing on other fronts as well. There are often statements referenced in articles like the one below that imply the UN relies on 'raising awareness' as if no one realizes there are issues that need to be resolved. Which can lead one to the obvious conclusion all these campaigns are a scam.

Most Countries Making Slow Progress Resolving World Hunger Crisis
By Rosanne Skirble
Washington, DC
18 October 2007

In 2000, leaders from 189 countries adopted a United Nations plan to cut extreme poverty and hunger. The U.N. Millennium Development goals aimed, by 2015, to cut hunger in half and child mortality by two-thirds.

Uruguay, Peru and the Fiji Islands have also done relatively well, but according to the Index most countries will not reach the U.N. Millennium targets if progress continues at current rates.
There were three other examples of the UN doing nothing but making unnecessary statements. It has become so commonplace it is as if they are in a trance and do it automatically. Likewise the public seems quite prepared to ignore them. The member countries are under no pressure to honor the stated mission of the United Nations and so things continue to languish. Any progress made can be credited to others with no legitimate reason for the UN to exist.

UN Chief Urges Iraqis to Promote National Reconciliation

UN: North Korean Flood Victims Need Emergency Aid

UN Official Says Millions Go Hungry in Burma Despite Vast Agricultural Resources

And if you are following the story in Burma, while a tragic situation, it presents a typical UN response to crisis within the world. The public pleadings of the UN may only help the culprits of each crisis. By now perpetrators worldwide must be aware of how to manipulate the UN's own practices to further their sinister ambitions. You can expect further empty statements, urgings and meaningless proclamations from the United Nations.

Stanford Matthews


Shocker: UN Tsunami Corruption

I was preparing a comedic post full of parodical sarcasm, but this isn't even funny anymore:
TSUNAMI reconstruction funds worth $US500 million are being lost to fraud and corruption because of the failure by the United Nations to implement its own anti-fraud measures.

This claim is made by the UN's former deputy director of investigations, Frank Montil, a former ASIO officer who for a decade was the deputy director of the UN's internal watchdog unit, set up to investigate fraud and corruption within the UN and its agencies.

In an exclusive interview with the Herald, Mr Montil said "the oil-for-food scandal taught them nothing". The fraud and corruption which had been occurring during the tsunami reconstruction period would come back to haunt the UN, which had wilfully ignored all the warning signs.


Press clips and blogs everywhere reveal UN ineffectiveness, incompetence, and corruption

Just a small part of the sorry record:

Protest against "virtual UN" in Second Life, featuring cyborg kangaroos

For a little comic relief:

Second Life Blogs: Protesting the Virtual United Nations

With cyborg kangaroos, no less. FTA:

"My biggest objection to the UN," he tells me, walking toward me through the Grand Hall chamber-- himself a kangaroo in a black matte robe similar to what Neo wore in The Matrix Reloaded-- "is that it's a corrupt organization that is trying to disguise itself as peacekeeps whose only concern is the well-being of all people everywere. A good example of this is the 'Oil For Food' scandal."

But why not leave the fabled Hear No Evil/See No Evil/Speak No Evil monkey statues, instead of, well, robot kangaroos?

"[T]o represent the potential for great power, danger, and corruption, wrapped in a warm and fuzzy package," Thorn tells me.


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Monday, October 15, 2007

Interview with John Bolton at RWN

John Hawkins of Right Wing News interviewed former UN ambassador John Bolton. Here's a taste:

Some... would like to see the United States pull out of the UN altogether. Do you think that would be a good idea? Why or why not?


I understand why people favor withdrawing, because it's so frustrating; it's ineffective, and it runs contrary to American interests and policies in many respects. But, I think being realistic, I think there are occasions when it can be useful as an instrument of American foreign policy and many of our friends and allies do rely on it and that's kind of a fact of life as well.

So, I think we need to have massive change in the way the UN operates and I would move the US away from mandatory or assessed financial contributions toward a system of voluntary contributions, but I think we shouldn't have any illusions about what the UN can accomplish. And, I certainly don't think we should limit or constrain American policy to only what we can get the UN to support.


The United Nations comes across as a fundamentally anti-American and anti-Semitic organization. Do you think that's true and can you tell us a little bit about why that's the case?


Well, I think there is a lot of anti-American and anti-Israeli feeling in New York, but the UN is never going to be better than the geo-political reality in the world as a whole. But frequently, it's worse than that, because of the culture that develops in the various UN cities and especially in New York. People think that they can create facts on the ground by causing a fuss at the UN and as long as we react as if they really can succeed, they'll try and do it. So, I think you have to have a realistic and very skeptical view of the tempest in the teapot that boils up from time to time in New York and ... recognize that much of it is simply theater, and that's all.

Read the whole thing.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Russian UN diplomat gets 4 years for bribery.

Oil for Food and a bribing mood.
A Russian diplomat who once chaired a U.N. budget committee was sentenced on Friday to more than four years in prison for helping launder more than $300,000 in bribes and taking a share of the money.

Vladimir Kuznetsov, 50, was found guilty in March of a single count of money laundering in a case that grew out of a criminal investigation into corruption into the now-defunct $64 billion humanitarian oil-for-food program for Iraq.

U.S. District Judge Deborah Batts sentenced Kuznetsov to 51 months in prison and fined him more than $73,000.
Needless to say, Russia is crying foul over his arrest and treatment. Pot, Kettle...

Cross-posted at Free Constitution

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Down with the Law of the Sea Treaty!

From the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) Teleconference:

Posted by 1389

Efforts to prevent the sovereignty undermining Law of the Sea Treaty from taking effect continue.

The main website is You can also read about this bad treaty at the Vigilant Freedom Blog (

Why does LOST present such a threat to United States sovereignty?

Here are a few of the many problems with the treaty:

  • LOST would give the United Nations power over US interests. The UN's multilateral agencies and bureaucrats cannot be trusted to oversee or administer 70% of the world's surface covered by its oceans.
  • LOST could set alarming precedents for the international control of other" international commons" such as Outer Space or the Internet
  • LOST would give the United Nations its long sought power of taxation, using taxes on seabed mining to fund its Anti-American activities.
  • LOST encourages China's and Russia's aggressive territorial claims to oceans.
  • LOST could subject the U.S. to decisions enforced by activist American judges, importing foreign or perhaps even "international" law into the courtroom, or perhaps even a UN Navy...

For more information, listen to Center for Security Policy's Frank Gaffney speak with bloggers about Lost here:, and read this piece by the Investor's Business Daily discussing LOST:


Sunday, October 07, 2007

The International Community Needs a Conscience

By Stanford Matthews
Blog @

More than one month ago continued reports of trouble in Burma were in the press, Protesting Continues in Burma Despite Crackdown. About the same President Bush issued preliminary comments, Bush Urges Burma to Stop Intimidating Citizens , that may have served as a warning shot accross the bow. The next report, US, Indonesia Urge China, India to Press Burma , may have overdone the warning theme and similar to other nation's impotent responses suggest with or without the United Nations there is little in the way of peer pressure on the international stage.

An almost unnoticed statement from the UN, UN Human Rights Chief Voices Concern About Violations In DRC, Iran and Burma , demonstrates the useless rhetoric that appears to be the norm in these situations and likewise the norm of those who warrant the verbal chastisement to ignore the warning. It all seems to choreographed as if all the participants share the guilt equally.

The second and third week of September witnessed a dramatic decrease in world chatter over the worsening crisis in Burma. But in the third week with most officials having no excuse to be unaware of the problem a convenient event also provided no excuse for an organized response by the UN, World Leaders Address UN General Assembly. The members were already together for other business and it lasted until October 3rd, UN General Assembly Annual Debate Concludes , with over 100 heads of state ignoring the Burma problem as it continued to develop.

ASEAN Under Pressure to Press Burma Against Violence, 'Burma's neighbors worried military's crackdown on protesters, which began Wednesday, could lead to massive bloodshed.' That was the 26th of September and as recently as late August it was not a secret that trouble was brewing in Burma that would probably require international intervention. The headlines below illuminate the days leading up to the military violence against Burmese citizens.

Bush Announces New Sanctions on Burma
US to Increase Sanctions Against Burma; Protests Continue in Rangoon
Burma Threatens Action Against Protesting Monks
Thousands of Burmese Join Monks in Massive Protest

On the day the violence erupted, US, EU Ask UN to Consider New Burma Sanctions, while the response was, UN Security Council Urges Restraint Against Burmese Protesters. as if the crisis had just begun but the truth is, Burma Crackdown Condemned, but Not Unexpected. While the Bush Administration may be able to state they did something, US Condemns Burmese Military, Imposes Sanctions , most of the world's nations are guilty of adopting the common UN-like approach, Burma's Neighbors in SE Asia Express 'Revulsion' Over Crackdown. Expressing reactions or sentiments rather than taking decisive action capable of forcing an end to the violence is simply wrong.

Long about the beginning of October, a senior envoy from the UN spends three or more days in Burma, gets snubbed by General Shwe, wastes time with photo ops with Burma's leading dissenter who has been under house arrest for a long time and then heads back to report to the UN. Then the US sends an envoy describing her style as a no nonsense approach. As of this writing the results of that effort are not known. What is known is the latest UN response to the Burmese crisis.

UN Envoy Warns Burma of Serious International Consequences
US Warns Of Sanctions If Burma Does Not Cooperate With International Community
Global Protests Against Burma off to Slow Start, but Burma Shows Conciliatory Signs

And as of October 7th, Crackdown Continues in Burma, Diplomatic Debate Rages Abroad
How lame and predictable is all of this?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Did Iran Blink?

By Stanford Matthews
Blog @

There is little that is more entertaining than to watch representatives
of a state sponsor of terrorism like Iran act so innocent in light of
previous statements that the holocaust never happened and they intend
to destroy Israel. Not to mention the default Islamofascist creed
bent on killing all infidels which also includes other Muslims they
don't like.

The sad part of the recent appearance of the Iranian President at
Columbia University beyond the obvious was the number of closet
liberals in the media tripping over themselves to attend a dinner with
him. Not understanding that they may be the only ones in the
world who actually believe their claim of doing it all in the name of
journalism. So much so that their automatic defense of simply
mentioning the first amendment is no longer presented with a supporting

Whether the Iranian President was too busy trying to fool other
audiences this week or simply bored with the easy prey in American
media and academia, the second errand boy has made his presence
known. The Iranian foreign minister is currently attempting to
give foreign policy mentoring to the Whitehouse and State
Department. The worn out complaint of American saber rattling
coupled with a plea for cooperation rather than confrontation is
another amateur ploy looking for a gullible audience.

With the advent of changing politics in France, the former opposition
from the French as well as Germans, Russians and others at the United
Nations may be altering course. A brief pause until November to
put in place stronger sanctions against Iran on the nukes issue may be
evidence of a difficult transition to pro American attitudes, the
simple realization that Iran is an excessive risk with nukes or
reluctance of some to agree with the US on Iran.

But the French Foreign Minister has annoyed Iran by hinting at the
threat of war if they continue to act like Saddam on nukes. While
he backpedaled slightly after tension was raised, Iran may be less sure
than their words indicate when stating the US is not in a position to
deal with them militarily. While some pundits claim air strikes
against Iran are not a viable option and the out of control public
comments on the Iraq war suggest the US is not prepared to put more
boots on the ground anywhere, the options available may not be so
limited. It is fair to say one reason Iran makes these claims is
to convince themselves or their population that the US will not resort
to air strikes. And changing attitudes toward Iran from other
nations may be enough to convince Iran to comply with international

And this post ends with a comment on an Iranian university inviting
President Bush to attend a question and answer session.
Presumably to reciprocate for the Columbia University fiasco. The
White House Press Secretary Dana Perino indicated the invitation was
not taken seriously. Let's just say in addition to the nearly
impossible security requirements there is no real upside to honoring
such a request. It is doubtful minds would be changed and
determining whether the invitation is based on genuine interest or
merely another ploy of the Iranian government will not take
place. But there is some humor in the story.

Iran's Foreign Minister Says US Threats Not Helpful to Resolving Nuclear Issue

03 October 2007
Besheer report - Download (mp3) 671kaudio clip
Listen to Besheer report audio clip

Iran Summons French Diplomat To Protest Kouchner Comments

03 October 2007

Iranian University Invites Bush to Speak

02 October 2007

Monday, October 01, 2007

Toothless UN Wastes 3 Days in Burma

By Stanford Matthews
Blog @

There are numerous methods of communication these days. Borrowing
the common terms 'instant' and 'messaging' demonstrate in words what is
possible. For business, government and consumer use each form of
communication matches up with customary standards or protocols for
formal and informal exchanges of dialogue or data transmission.

Does it occur to anyone else that the passing of two or three days
since a representative from the United Nations arrived in Burma/Myanmar
is more than enough time to produce a 'sit down' between the rep and
General Than Shwe? And if the UN rep is merely
waiting for this General to agree to a discussion then it proves again
nothing about the United Nations is united or serving a useful
purpose. This would be the point in an interview where a
spokesperson for the UN would tell the interviewer there are
established guidelines for attempts at intervention. God knows
the UN spends nearly all of its time and other people's money issuing
statements and generating documents of limited value like guidelines.

As far as a chronology of the UN 'senior envoy' and his exploits in
Burma over the last three days, reports from the VOA are a handy

UN Envoy in Burma to Try to Mediate Burmese Protests
By Luis Ramirez
29 September 2007

Ramirez report (mp3) - Download 697kaudio clip
Listen to Ramirez report (mp3) audio clip

United Nations special envoy Ibrahim Gambari has arrived in Burma on
what the U.N. secretary-general calls an "urgent mission" to broker
negotiations between the military government and the pro-democracy
opposition. VOA's Luis Ramirez at our Southeast Asia bureau in Bangkok
reports the visit comes as the army is tightening its control over
demonstrations in the main city, Rangoon.

UN Envoy Meets With Aung San Suu Kyi and Military Junta
By Nancy-Amelia Collins
30 September 2007

Collins report (mp3) - download 485Kaudio clip
Listen to Collins report (mp3) audio clip

The United Nation's special envoy to Burma has met with detained
opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and with members of Burma's ruling
military junta to try to stop the its violent crackdown on
pro-democracy demonstrators. Ibrahim Gambari has extended his
mission in Burma - canceling a planned flight to Singapore and vowing
to meet with Burma's top junta leader, Senior General Than Shwe. VOA's
Nancy-Amelia Collins in Jakarta has more.

UN Envoy Remains in Burma, Pledges to Meet With Top Junta Leader

By VOA News
01 October 2007

A senior United Nations envoy has extended his mission in Burma in the
hopes of meeting the country's top military leader, Senior General Than

Officials say Ibrahim Gambari has returned to Burma's new capital,
Naypyidaw, for the second time in three days to try to ease a deadly
military crackdown on pro-democracy protesters.

This is exactly the type of incident that requires quick action to stop
senseless killing in a country that has lost its ability to maintain
any civil or military order without violence spiraling out of
control. How many times must this scenario be repeated before
members of the United Nations step up and proclaim a set of
international rules to end a crisis like this shortly after it
begins? Without any improvements in the process, each time an
incident occurs its outcome will be no better than any previous
one. There is no need for an organization that can do no better
than this.